Continuous Band Sealer with Embossing Printer

Continuous Band Sealer with Embossing Printer (GSM-SF 770lll)

The Continuous Band Sealer with Embossing Printer is a great choice for businesses that need reliable small-bag packaging. This machine is widely used for food packaging, pharmaceutical packing, cosmetics, specialties, aquatic-products, seeds, chemicals, electronic components, clothing, and much more.

this continuous band sealer uses an electronic constant temperature control system and a step less speed adjusting transmission mechanism.


  1. Equipped with embosser Wheel
  2. Printing characters up to 2 line with Embosser Wheel
  3. high sealing speed
  4. high safety
  5. Quick warm up
  6. Available in both colored instruction and stainless steel construction for moist environments
  7. Simple to operate, minimal operating training
  8. Available in two-in-one machine that offers vertical or horizontal configurationTechnical parameters
    Model GSM- SF150 W
    Voltage 220V- 50 HZ-120 W
    Power 500 W
    Seal width 6-10 mm
    Film seal  thickness 20 mic- 1 mm
    Temperature control 0-300 C°
    Sealing speed 0-16  m/min
    Maximum package weight 3 kg
    Dimension 8600 ×4200×3650 mm
    Weight 25 kg


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