Automatic sewing with ink Coding machine GSM-810III
Automatic horizontal sewing with ink Coding is used in the packaging of food and pharmaceutical industries such as packaging, pasta.

Automatic sewing with ink Coding machine GSM-810III

Rail sewing machine with ink Coding machine , or rail sewing, has a strong structure, beautiful appearance and in a wide range of products for sewing all kinds of plastic films of different materials such as cellophane, metalizer, tarpaulin, aluminum foils in food packaging and Medicinal products such as packaging of cereals, saffron, sugar, fancy bread, pasta, etc. are used.
Horizontal automatic sewing machine with ink and base history can automatically and continuously with constant temperature and variable speed do the job of sewing the doors of the bags and print the desired code in color on the sewing tape. Automatic sewing machine with historian Simultaneous sewing and printing has the desired dates, printing and drying of the date, immediately and simultaneously, and it is not easy to clean.

Advantages of automatic sewing packaging machine with ink Coding machine :

  • Rail sewing with a history can insert the desired code in 2 lines and 22 characters in different colors
  • Easy to change the print letters on the history header
  • No need for two independent date and sewing machines
  • Easy to use and eliminate excess labor
  • High packing speed and increase labor productivity
  • Safer than manual sewing machines
  • In models with steel body for use in humid environments
  • Ability to adjust the sewing speed and conveyor
  • It has a wheelchair with adjustable height to move the device more easily

Technical specifications of sewing machine with female base date model GSM-800III:

Model GSM-800III
Power consumption 220 v -AC
Sewing speed 0-16 m/min
Sewing width 10 mm
Sewing film thickness 20mic-1 mm
Sewing temperature 0-300 °c
Ability to print 2 lines and 20 characters in different colors
Maximum closed weight 3kg
Dimensions of the device 950*550*830 mm
The weight of the device is 35 kg



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