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New Year’s greetings message

تبریک آغاز سال کاری جدید ۱۳۹۹ ، سال کاری جدید ، تبریک سال جدید


Dear servants, Greetings and kind regards
Congratulations on the arrival of ancient Nowruz and the beginning of the New Year, and I wish you good luck and happiness, nobles.
We have been active in the field of wrapping and packaging machinery for over twenty years, but without exaggeration, we have not experienced a year or two of difficulties. Our most important concern since the beginning of the year was to supply the required materials (which in fact are the needs of thousands of other manufacturing units). We provided the necessary liquidity through shareholder participation, lending, and real estate. We also worked hard to come to terms with the administrative bureaucracy. External sanctions, internal sanctions, repeated changes in import and export rules, repeated cancellations of confirmation of embassies. Frequent commodity change, error 2, error 2, currency non-allocation, end of credit Of the order, delegation of authority to the provinces with instructions large dams and constraints. Quoting some parts to avoid disrupting the production cycle of customers and a few dozen others are just part of the problem that many entrepreneurs themselves are and are still dealing with. Managers and personnel of Gashta Sanat Mashhad Company will do their utmost to provide the appropriate equipment and services. We believe that these days will pass. We hope and strive to stay strong with you in year 4 too. Thank you for the valuable support of our dear customers and all the dear ones who have been with Mashhad’s patriots. I wish you a successful year for dear compatriots, especially dear entrepreneurs.

Best regards
Mohammad Bahadori


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