Hot code printing machine (GSM-241 K)

Hot code printing machine (GSM-241 K)

Hot code printing machines (GSM-241 K ) is widely used in the production of foodstuff, milk, cake , granules on various material such as composite plastic film, and paper, leather, Cellophane,  PE, OPP,PP, aluminum foil,  the labels of beverage bottles To print the production date, number, expiry date, weight and…
It is applicable to auxiliary code-printing of all kind of packing mechanical machines like pillow type and granule packing machines.


  • Equipped with thermal and mechanical systems, No need to pneumatic systems.
  • Farsi and English printing capability
  • Non-toxic hot foil printing capabilities with different colors
  • Reliable performance, clear printing, high adhesiveness.
  • Very easy to operate and, high quality and simple design.
  • low weight, small size, easy to carry and installation.


Technical parameters

Model GSM-241K
Voltage AC220V/50HZ
Printing  line 1-4 line
Maximum width of hot coding foil 35 mm
Printing speed 20-120 pcs/min
Size(L×W×H) 410×200×250 mm
Weight 10 kg


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